The full programme is listed below, together with other associated events. A photograph of each window will also be shown, no later than the day after it opens.

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Where window owners are offering hospitality, please note this will be on a 'while stocks last' basis!

Katies Bakery

Saturday, 1st December:  8.30 am at Katies Bakery, 3 High Street

Katie's window depicts the story of the Christmas Tree and its arrival in Britain, along with details of its royal connections. The Welwyn Arpeggio Handbell Ringers will accompany carol singing and there will be a guest appearance by 'a certain gentleman' with gifts for the children.  Everyone will be welcome to share in warm mini croissants, hot chocolate and coffee.

St Mary's Church

Sunday, 2nd December:  7.30 pm at St Mary’s Church following the Advent Carol Service which starts at 6.30 pm.  Local artists, Dilys Manoy and Bryan Parkes have combined their talents to portray Caspar, Melchior and Balthazars’ Story as they arrive to see the baby Jesus. It captures the moment of giving the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  The stained glass effect artwork on the church glass doors will be back-lit and best viewed from a distance.

The Danesbury & QVM Shop

Monday, 3rd December:  3.30 pm at The Danesbury & QVM Shop, 4 High Street

Patients, staff and volunteers from the Danesbury Neurological Centre in Welwyn are creating a collage depicting The Shepherds’ Story.

Aqua Ristorante

Tuesday, 4th December:  11.00 am at Aqua Ristorante, 28 High Street

Stewart Bishop, who originally trained as a textile designer, will produce The Angel Visits Mary on hand-painted silk to replicate a stained-glass effect.  Aqua will provide delicious hot soup.


Wednesday, 5th December:  3.45 pm at Solidus, The Grange, 3 Codicote Road (right window)

The story of The Little Drummer Boy is familiar to us all and this window describes his life, long before he played the drums for Jesus.  Denise Lacey (with very little help from Gillian Dobson) hopes their window will make passers-by smile with its slightly unorthodox depiction of the tale!

Bryan Bishop & Partners

Thursday, 6th December:  11.00 am at Bryan Bishop & Partners, 9 Church Street

Far away in the East, Wise Men saw A New Star shining high in the sky denoting the birth of a great new ruler.  Lakeside School’s interpretation will include stars and clouds created by their students in wonderful textures and colours.


Friday, 7th December:  4.30 pm at AGBIS, The Grange, 3 Codicote Road (left window)

Sherrardswood School has taken inspiration from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.  I will live in the Past, the Present and the Future.  The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons they teach”.  Mulled wine, soft drinks and nibbles will be on offer.


Saturday, 8th December:  11.00 am at SuSu, 21 High Street

Gifts and trinkets abound amongst the snow in SuSu’s window designed by owner Susan Bull depicting the Legend of Baboushka.  The central character will be wrapped up against the elements in a beautiful layered ensemble including a fur gilet and a jeweled headscarf.  Susan and the girls invite you to join them for a warming glass of sherry and hear more about Baboushka’s decision not to accompany the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem.

The White Horse

Sunday, 9th December:  12.00 pm at The White Horse, 30 Mill Lane

Dilys Manoy has created a three-dimensional collage picture depicting elements of The Legend of the Nutcracker, the story of Clara whose doting uncle gifts her a mysterious nutcracker that takes her on a magical journey, meeting many characters on the way including the Snow Queen.  Mulled wine and mince pies will be on offer at this opening kindly provided by The White Horse.

Off Broadway Travel

Monday, 10th December:  3.45 pm at Off Broadway Travel, 18 Prospect Place

Local sculptor and fellow of Digswell Arts Trust, Chris Groombridge’s design will capture an atmospheric scene from a more contemporary Christmas tale Polar Express.  The window promises to engage the viewer with excitement and imagery to entice them to jump on board.  Expect a magical rendezvous with a mysterious snowbound locomotive.  Wine and mince pies courtesy of OBT.

Neel Dentistry

Tuesday, 11th December:  3.45 pm at Neel Dentistry, 43 High Street

Welwyn St Mary’s Church of England Primary School will create a 3d representation of Clement Clarke Moore’s A Visit from St Nicholas featuring many of the poem’s imagery, "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse", to Santa, his reindeer and the presents under the tree.  The Bishop of Hertford will open this window and narrate the poem.

The Old Welwyn  Florist

Wednesday, 12th December:  3.45 pm at The Old Welwyn Florist, 36 High Street

Designed and produced by the florists, this window depicts the Legend of the Robin and how it helped to keep Mary and Jesus warm in the stable. Tea and Coffee will be served from 3 pm. Barry Norman will do the reading at this one.

Eames Jones Judge Hawkings

Thursday, 13th December:  4.00 pm at Eames Jones Judge Hawkings, 29 High Street

Created by the pupils and staff at Oaklands Primary School their stained glass effect window will depict the story of Granny Goes to Bethlehem.  Mince pies and sweets will be on offer.

Welwyn Library

Friday, 14th December:  2.30 pm at Welwyn Library, Civic Centre, Prospect Place

The children at Tenterfield Nursery are making collages of the characters from Whoops a Daisy Angel and the Children’s Centre families will help to make sparkly stars.  All the other angels did special jobs but poor Whoops a Daisy was never given anything important to do until one day something special happened and everything changed.  There may be an important visitor in attendance at The Library for this opening.


Saturday, 15th December:  11.00 am at The Wellington, 1 High Street

The Wellington Team will depict The Legend of Father Christmas incorporating a display of Welwyn’s youngsters visiting Santa over the years.  Everyone welcome for winter warming drinks and mince pies after the opening.

The White Hart Hotel

Sunday, 16th December:  11.00 am at The White Hart Hotel, 2 Prospect Place

Adult pupils at Artskool will design and create their first Advent window as a group. Presenting Joseph’s Dream with bright and vibrant art materials and lots of creativity – this window will grab your attention and brighten up your day! This group meet fortnightly in the village and all are welcome to join in - no experience required! Mulled wine and mince pies kindly provided by Piers and his team.

6 Church Street

Monday, 17th December:  5.30 pm at 6 Church Street

Crossbearers, one of St Mary’s Church youth groups, with a little help from their leaders, will portray The Shepherds Hear the News by creating a scene incorporating angels, shepherds and sheep, using lots of different methods.

Peter Morgan Hairdressing

Tuesday, 18th December:  5.45 pm at Peter Morgan Hairdressing, 4 Codicote Road

Artist Paul Hillary depicts The Christmas Truce in 1914 when German and British troops stopped fighting at Christmas.  He captures the contrast of the few days of harmony by using barbed wire, the soldier’s constant hindrance, twisted and painted in festive colours and shapes, alongside a traditional depiction of festivities and football enjoyed by both sides. Welwyn’s Big Carol Sing follows in the churchyard at 6 pm.

Bridge Cottage Surgery

Wednesday, 19th December:  11.00 am at Bridge Cottage Surgery, 41 High Street

Surgery staff will present The Story of the Poinsettia an old Mexican legend about a girl called Pepita who didn’t have a present to give to the Baby Jesus so she picked a handful of leaves on her way to church on Christmas Eve and they turned to bright red flowers when she presented them at the altar.  Join the surgery staff for soft drinks and Christmas cakes and hear more about this charming legend.

The Barber’s Room

Thursday, 20th December:  11.00 am at The Barber’s Room, 30 High Street

Stuart Carr will depict Three Kings Follow the Star using striking colours and textures to create a bright 3-dimensional interpretation of this story.  Mulled wine and mince pies courtesy of Mick and his team.

Country Properties

Friday, 21st December:  5.15 pm at Country Properties, 10 High Street

Artskool Kids will create a visual feast depicting the essence and emotion of the wonderful Christmas tale of The Grumpy Shepherd.  With joy, hope and love each child will be decorating their own symbols with beautiful bright colours and sparkles! This wonderful array of art will surround the main characters of this tale – promises to be a visually uplifting window!

Box Of Delights

Saturday, 22nd December:  11.00 am at Box of Delights, 24 High Street

Belinda Walsingham, the owner of the newly opened shop ‘Box of Delights’ creates their first Advent Window this year telling the story of The Snowman, with hospitality provided.  Penny Howes will lead the singing of ‘Walking in the Air’.

18 Church Street

Sunday, 23rd December:  3.30 pm at 18 Church Street

Roger Aubrey, a long-term student of religious art, will display different portrayals of the Birth of Jesus from earliest nativity art through to modern interpretations that are often highly symbolic and quite unlike traditional examples. Roger & Judith invite you to join them for mulled wine, soft drinks and mince pies.

Barrows Greengrocer

Monday, 24th December:  2.45 pm at Barrows Greengrocer, 6a High Street

Papa Panov is day dreaming about Jesus coming to visit him at Christmas time. He sits by his tree, which has some very unusual decorations!  Elizabeth Lacey, a student at The John Henry Newman School will produce a beautiful colourful window for Christmas Eve. Following this the traditional Crib Service takes place in St Mary’s Church at 3.30 pm.

St Marys Church

Welwyn's Advent Calendar 2012 is now complete - you can see all the windows on the programme page. We hope to be back again in 2013! Happy Christmas.

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