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Organised by St Mary's Church, Welwyn, a window will be 'revealed' somewhere in the centre of the village each day from 1st to 24th December to create a living Advent Calendar. Shops, pubs, businesses, homes and restaurants will host windows and some will create their own artwork. Others will be designed and produced by local artists and school and youth groups. The entire calendar will remain open until 30th December.

The theme this year is "Christmas Stories". The artwork will be prepared by volunteers using a variety of media ranging from paintings, collage, stained glass effect, graffiti and sculpture. Many will be lit so they can be viewed after dark. A photograph of each new window will appear on the programme page the following day, so those who are not able to visit the village can follow the Advent Calendar via the internet. Hear more on Jack FM about the project.

You can see pictures of windows created in 2009, 2010 and 2011 by clicking on the year.

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A message from the Acting Team Rector

Individuals and communities are made by the stories that they tell – and those stories come in different shapes and sizes: they can be ancient folk tales which weave together fantasy and history; they can be family tales told around the table at family meals; they can be hard factual history; they can be the latest novel that you have read; they can be an account of the day’s events told at the end of the day to a loved ones. In their sharing each one forms and reshapes us in one way or another. Stories have a double face – on one face they tell us something about the subject of the tale, but equally importantly the manner in which they are told tell us something about the narrator. A good example of this is the stories about Jesus told in the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In one sense these clearly tell the story of one life and its significance for humanity – and yet also one can clearly see the distinct concerns and motivations of the four evangelists.

Our Advent windows this year will be incorporated into a feast of story-telling – an aural one which complements the visual. These stories will vary in nature, folk tales, morality tales, historical narrative variously embroidered will all be included – but at the centre lies the story of the birth of the Christ child. A story soberly located in the gospels at a very particular point and place in history, and yet a story that reaches out from there to change all time and all space, heaven and earth. A story that invites us, by faith, to enter into and moreover even to participate in.

Revd. David MunchinRevd. David Munchin


St Marys Church

Welwyn's Advent Calendar 2012 is now complete - you can see all the windows on the programme page. We hope to be back again in 2013! Happy Christmas.

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