The full programme is listed below, together with other associated events. A photograph of each window will also be shown, no later than the day after it opens.

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Where window owners are offering hospitality, please note this will be on a 'while stocks last' basis!

Katies the Baker

Thursday 1st December: 8.15 am at Katies the Baker, 3 High Street

Designed and constructed by Katies bakers and confectioners, their bakery window will be a snowy scene showing Santa's arrival in Welwyn. Hospitality will be provided in Katies’ own inimitable style.

Brian Bishop

Friday 2nd December: 12.30 pm at Bryan Bishop & Partners, 9 Church Street

This window is designed and created by members of the ‘Green Group’ at Welwyn St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, who help make their school more eco-friendly. It shows the Journey of the Magi to visit baby Jesus. The figures of the Magi are in collage form using entirely re-cycled materials. This is to link with the “Green Group” message and to show the journey of the materials too as they are used again.


Saturday 3rd December: 11.00 am at SuSu, 21 High Street

SuSu’s window showcases their unique fashion-inspired interpretation of the Three Kings’ journey to Bethlehem following a star and bearing gifts.  The window will be lit with glittering fairylights and a shiny silver star denoting the night sky, and the Three Kings will be dressed in opulent outfits and carrying caskets overflowing with jewellery.  The window is designed by Susan and her daughter Georgina, the owners and managers of SuSu.  Join the girls for a warming glass of sherry at their opening.

The White Hart Hotel

Sunday 4th December: 11.00 am at The White Hart Hotel, 2 Prospect Place

This first collaborative work by Jo Howe and Julia Skrebels is an acrylic and tissue collage showing the journey of The Three Kings.  Jo and Julia are Fellows of the Digswell Arts Trust, working from studios in Digswell. Piers Lyon, owner of the White Hart invites you to join him and his staff for mulled wine and mince pies.


Monday 5th December: 3.45 pm at AGBIS, The Grange, 3 Codicote Road

Sherrardswood School’s window this year reflects that on the road of life, acts of kindness can make it possible for hopes and dreams to come true. The school’s junior choir will sing to celebrate the opening and then please join Stuart and his staff in the AGBIS office for drinks, mince pies and Christmas cookies.

The Danesbury & QVM Shop

Tuesday 6th December: 3.45 pm at The Danesbury & QVM Shop, 4 High Street

Patients, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, staff and volunteers from the Danesbury Neurological Centre in Welwyn are collaborating on a painting in the form of a star which depicts the journeys taken to Bethlehem by Mary & Joseph, the Three Kings and, of course, the star itself.

Neel Dentistry

Wednesday, 7th December: 3.45 pm at Neel Dentistry, 43 High Street

Created by Sir John Lawes student, Elizabeth Lacey, this will be a simplistic and modern take on the journey of the Three Wise Men using a variety of media with a twist, including edible crowns of the golden rather than dental variety! Neel and staff will provide chocolate biscuits, mince pies and drinks.

Eames Jones Judge Hawkings

Thursday 8th December: 3.45 pm at Eames Jones Judge Hawkings, 29 High Street

Oaklands School will create a stained glass window capturing the exciting arrival of baby Jesus along with their pupils depicted from a range of cultures who have made the journey to watch this wonderous sight of angels, animals, shepherds and wise men celebrating.  EJJH will supply sweets and mince pies.

Eames Jones Judge Hawkings

Friday 9th December: 2.00 pm at Off Broadway Travel, 18 Prospect Place

Lakeside students are working on a traditional Christmas street scene which captures the arrival of friends, family, Father Christmas and a very special baby. Look out for Father Christmas' alternative mode of transport! Glitter and snow are guaranteed. Join staff at OBT for drinks, cookies and mince pies.


Saturday 10th December: 11.00 am at Aqua, 28 High Street

Using various media and techniques this will tell the story of a journey familiar to us all, culminating in a truly beautiful arrival which will bring a smile to passers-by.  Created by Denise Lacey and Gillian Dobson (with special help from ‘Colin’), two slightly odd middle-aged women who are well known amongst the dog owning community of Welwyn.  Aqua will provide delicious hot soup.

The White Horse

Sunday 11th December: 11.00 am at The White Horse, 30 Mill Lane

The artist, Dilys Manoy enjoys working in various media, such as watercolour, printmaking, sculpture and textiles.  She depicts a mythical journey through imaginary lands and seas.  The travellers make many stops on their way.  Have they reached their destination? As is their usual custom, the owners and staff of the White Horse will provide festive hospitality at their opening.

6 Church Street

Monday 12th December: 3.45 pm at 6 Church Street

Local artist Nickie Swain is creating a two-way art piece, viewable from both inside and outside the window.  This interpretation reflects the true meaning of the Christmas Story encapsulating both journey and arrival using acrylics on acetate in ‘Art Deco’ style, giving a fresh look to this timeless story. 

Monty The Cat

Tuesday 13th December: 3.45 pm at Monty The Cat, 24 High Street

Monty the Cat will be illustrating both modern day and biblical journeys and arrivals through the use of jewellery and graphics. For example, the arrival of the three wise kings will be represented by three crown shape rings.  Rosie and the girls at MTC will serve white wine and snowflake biscuits at their opening.

The Old Welwyn Florist

Wednesday 14th December: 3.45 pm at The Old Welwyn Florist, 36 High Street

Designed and produced by the florists, this window will depict journeys and arrivals made by friends and family coming home for Christmas.  Tea and coffee will be available in the shop from 3.00 pm.

Peter Morgan  Hairdressing

Thursday 15th December:  3.45 pm at Peter Morgan Hairdressing, 4 Codicote Road

Local artist Bryan Parkes is mounting a display of paintings showing the Bethlehem scene and Welwyn High Street in 3D, printed on several layers of film mounted on frames.

Welwyn Library

Friday 16th December: 2.45 pm at Welwyn Library, Civic Centre, Prospect Place

Tenterfield Nursery are working with the library staff again this year to design the Library window depicting a very special arrival!  Hospitality will be provided in the form of chocolate biscuits!

The Wellington

Saturday 17th December: 11.00 am at The Wellington, 1 High Street

The Wellington’s advent window “My First Christmas” includes a display of Welwyn’s arrivals for 2011 showing pictures of babies born this year starting on their life journey with their first Christmas – all pictures gratefully accepted! Everyone welcome for winter warming drinks and mince pies after the opening.

18 Church Street

Sunday 18th December: 11.00 am at 18 Church Street

This window features the first ‘coming’ associated with Christmas, although it was 9 months before at the Annunciation visit of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary in Nazareth.  It includes several pictures of an international flavour, with examples from Japan, Armenia, Cyprus, West Africa, Italy and England. In the foreground will be the crib with the “coming” of kings and shepherds. The arrangement is by Roger Aubrey, a student of religious art for over 30 years and he and Judith will be providing mulled wine and mince pies to celebrate their opening.

Bridge Cottage Surgery

Monday 19th December: 11.00 am at Bridge Cottage Surgery, 41 High Street

Annette Johnson, Practice Manager says “this is our first year and we are very excited about being included in this lovely advent window project”.  Two members of the surgery team are working together using a variety of materials and techniques including iris folding and embroidery to create 12 scenes starting with the star in the east and telling the progression of the journey culminating in the arrival of the Baby Jesus.  Mince pies and a drink (a healthy one obviously) will be on offer at the window opening.

Barber & Co

Tuesday 20th December: 11.00 am at Barber & Co, The Grange, 3 Codicote Road

Local artist Ella Carty will create a quirky secular take on ‘Journeys and Arrivals’ making this advent window entirely out of train tickets! 

Barber & Co

Wednesday 21st December: 11.00 am at Country Properties, 10 High Street

Where’s Wally?  See how many familiar faces you can see on their way to the stable in Bethlehem.  All made in polymer clay by Vanessa Baker and Sam Rogers, Teaching Assistants at St Mary’s School, and keen crafters.  Join Country Properties Managers, Dave and Gill for mince pies, sherry and wine.

The Barber’s Room

Thursday 22nd December: 11.00 am at The Barber’s Room, 30 High Street

Artskool Kids are creating a vibrant, sparkly and ‘bubbly’ window for the Barbers Room – showing their individual aspirations and dreams for Arrivals in 2012 - each hand painted within their own little sparkly bubble – we all have dreams… come and see theirs!  The ‘artists’ aged 4 – 12 attend Artskool Kids after school and weekend Art Clubs.  Mick Leto, owner of The Barber’s Room invites you to join them at the opening for mince pies and mulled wine.

Gothic House

Friday 23rd December: 11.00 am at Gothic House, 24 Church Street

Silversmith Deirdre Woolgar is creating a window to do with travel and a wandering star.  Drinks and mince pies will be on offer at the opening.

St Mary’s Church

Saturday 24th December: 3.30 pm during the Crib Service at St Mary’s Church

Using the glass porch doors, members of the church youth group, ‘The Hub’ will create a quirky take on the theme using materials to create a stained glass effect which will be back-lit so that people can see it from the street even when the gates are locked.

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St Marys Church

Saturday 24th December

St Mary's Church

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