The full programme is listed below, together with other associated events. A photograph of each window will also be shown, no later than the day after it opens. We are very grateful to Putterills for taking the pictures.

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Where window owners are offering hospitality, please note this will be on a 'while stocks last' basis!

Katies the Baker

Wednesday, 1st December: opening at 8.15 am
Katies the Baker, 3 High Street, AL6 9EE

A Christmas star shines brightly over a snowy Welwyn village, as the angels deliver their message of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love. Produced by Katie and Kirsty of Katies Bakery. Gingerbread stars will be given to children (of all ages!). A competition will run until 21st December to win a Gingerbread House.

Brian Bishop

Thursday, 2nd December: opening at 12.30 pm
Bryan Bishop & Partners, 9/11 Church Street, AL6 9LN

Peace on Earth. The children aged 7-8 in J3 and A3 at Welwyn St Marys C of E Primary School, assisted by teacher Jenny Jude and teaching assistants Sarah Redgers, Vanessa Baker and Kerry Pace, will make doves of Peace decorated with prayers. St Marys Primary School is a mixed primary school with about 400 pupils aged from 5 to 11 years. Martin Bishop invites everyone to enjoy a glass of something sparkling and soft drinks for the children.


Friday, 3rd December: opening at 3.45 pm
AGBIS left-hand window, The Grange, 3 Codicote Road, AL6 9LY

Within the theme of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love the staff and pupils of Sherrardswood School will illustrate the carol O Holy Night. Members of the school choir will come along and sing for us. Sherrardswood is a co-educational independent school for pupils aged 4 to 18. Stuart Westley and his staff invite you to enjoy some soft drinks, mince pies and Christmas cookies.


Saturday, 4th December: opening at 11.30 am
SuSu, 21/25 High Street, AL6 9EE

Created by the SuSu staff, the SuSu window will be “fashioned” in the spirit of love. Glittering with hearts and baubles we do hope you will come in and join us for a glass of fizzing bubbly – and of course to feel the love!

The White Hart Hotel

Sunday, 5th December: opening at 11.00 am
The White Hart Hotel, 2 Prospect Place, AL6 9EN

Christmas is a time for presents. Produced by Julia Skrebels, this large collage made out of Christmas wrapping paper shows four angels bringing gifts of Love, Hope, Peace and Joy. After graduating in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire Julia became a Fellow of the Digswell Arts Trust. She exhibits regularly and works from her studio in Digswell. Julia is also Artistic Director for the Digswell Players and is currently designing and painting scenery for the pantomime, King Arthur which opens on January 1st. The White Hart invites you to join them for mulled wine, mince pies and tea and coffee.


Monday, 6th December: opening at 2.00 pm
Aqua Restaurant, 28 High Street, AL6 9EQ

An interpretation through a festive design of hearts, holly, smiling faces and a nativity, outlined with lights for a magical effect. Produced by the students of Lakeside, a school for students with severe and complex learning difficulties. The age range is 2 to 19 and all classes will be involved in the production of this window. Aqua will be warming hearts and hands with a delicious soup.

The Danesbury & QVM Shop

Tuesday, 7th December: opening at 9.30 am
The Danesbury & QVM Shop, 4 High Street, AL6 9EQ

Newspaper cuttings depict war, famine, natural disasters and poverty. Children of differing nationalities express the four words, appealing to the world with their pure and innocent minds and trust in one another. “The world could be a better place if only we lived with these words echoing  though our lives…Peace, Hope, Joy and Love" Produced by Jill Childs and Sally Chandler on behalf of The Friends of Danesbury and Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital.

Sagar Tandori

Wednesday, 8th December: opening at 6.00 pm
The Sagar Tandoori, 2 High Street, AL6 9EQ

All Artskool Academy pupils aged 4 to adult are creating beautiful symbolic images for this years theme.  Hand painted individual artworks with imprints of each pupils thoughts on Peace, Hope, Joy and Love. A peaceful and inviting window for all to enjoy. Artskool Academy was founded in 2003 by Annette O’Donnell, Artist/Tutor, based in Welwyn. The Academy runs classes, events and community projects within Hertfordshire for children and adults, inspiring and motivating generations! The Sagar will be making delicious bahjis and pakoras.

Eames Jones Judge Hawkings

Thursday, 9th December: opening at 3.45 pm
Eames Jones Judge Hawkings, 29 High Street, AL6 9EE

A beautiful stained glass window depicts friendship around the world which brings Peace, Hope, Joy and Love to all. Produced by children and staff at Oaklands School. The staff of Eames Jones Judge Hawkings will tempt us with mince pies and sweets for the children. The children of Oaklands School will sing carols for us.

Off Broadway Travel

Friday, 10th December: opening at 3.45 pm
Off Broadway Travel, 18/20 Prospect Place, AL6 9EN

This window depicts a different spin on the Nativity. Think back to the 70’s and the hippies in their caravans, a time when Peace and Love were the only possessions anyone needed to be accepted and to have a good time. A time that brought Joy to everyone touched by the hippie era and Hope that such a laid back era would continue for decades to come! Produced by Bryan Parkes - a sculptor who has lived in Welwyn for the last 17 years. He has a studio in his garden where he mainly produces figures.   He carves in marble and models in terracotta then moulds and casts them in bronze and marble resin. Some of the work is enlarged to lifesize. The staff of Off Broadway Travel invite you to enjoy some refreshments at the opening.

The Library

Saturday, 11th December: opening at 11.00 am
The Library, Civic Centre, Prospect Place, AL6 9ER

Produced by the staff and children of Tenterfield Nursery and Children's Centre in collaboration with the library staff, the window will show our children's interpretation of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love. Please come along for a lovely warm mince pie.

The White Horse

Sunday, 12th December: opening at 12 noon
The White Horse, 30 Mill Lane, AL6 9ET

Love. Do you believe in angels? Angels exist in world religions in many different forms, the window will be focusing on how people imagine angels and realise them in their artistic creations. What do angels look like? Artists from many different cultures have tried to express their imaginative ideas. Various media will be used to depict several angels from different religions and artists all over the world. The artist Dilys Manoy worships at St Marys Church. She has exhibited locally and nationally since 1987. She works in various media including textiles, watercolour, print making and sculpture. The White Horse will tempt us with some delicious nibbles.

The Wellington

Monday, 13th December: opening at 6.00 pm
The Wellington, 1 High Street, AL6 9LZ

Lanterns of the World will be hung and lit in our window, supported by prayer sheets.

Light a candle for peace and hope
Light a candle in his name
Light a candle for joy
Love burns the brightest flame.

Designed and produced by the Wellington team. Join us for mulled wine, canapés and live acoustic music.

The Old Welwyn Florist

Tuesday, 14th December: opening at 3.45 pm
The Old Welwyn Florist, 36/38 High Street, AL6 9EQ

Produced by the florist staff, a cut out/statue of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus will be the focal point of the window, surrounded by hearts and doves depicting Peace, Hope, Joy and Love. Tea and coffee will be available in the shop from 3.00pm. There will be a 10% discount card for December on flowers and gifts (excluding orders) for all who attend.

Peter Morgan Hairdressing

Wednesday, 15th December: opening at 6.00 pm
Peter Morgan Hairdressing, 4 Codicote Road, AL6 9EQ

A fun window that will have some people scratching their heads – until the penny drops! Produced by Juliette McGill (BA Hons). Juliette studied at Chelsea School of Art in London, and currently exhibits her work both in the UK and abroad. Juliette also has a gallery at No 7 High Street in Welwyn. In collaboration with Peter Morgan Hairdressing, Dennis Van Golberdinge, a 2* Michelin chef who runs No 7 Cooking Academy in Welwyn, will serve delicious canapés.

Monty The Cat

Thursday, 16th December: opening at 11.30 am
Monty the Cat, 24 High Street, AL6 9EQ

Produced by Rosie Pollard, our theme will be depicted by individual necklaces incorporating the words and images. Rosie designs and makes beautiful jewellery. The shop in Welwyn not only sells this but also a myriad of lovely things perfect for Christmas. Rosie and Sarah will be serving us with pink lemonade and cupcakes!

Mimram Place

Friday, 17th December: opening at 6.00 pm
16 Mimram Place, AL6 9HQ

A joyful and peaceful scene featuring fantasy birds in a delightful Finnish snowy Winter Wonderland. Each of the windows six panes has original hand painted quirky birds in a snowy Finnish setting. Produced by Anneli Boon, a professional artist originally from Finland but living in Hertfordshire for many years. A resident of Welwyn for four years she has continued to produce, exhibit and sell her work, including to many Welwyn customers. Visitors will be welcomed with Finnish drink and biscuits.


Saturday, 18th December: opening at 11.00 am
Osprey Home, High Street, AL6 9EE

Peace, Hope, Joy and Love are expressed in our Hearts and Stars window. An Osprey star surrounded by Doves of Peace created by Dilys Manoy.

Church Street

Sunday, 19th December: opening at 4.00 pm
18 Church Street, Welwyn, AL6 9LX

Produced by Roger Aubrey, the theme of the window is Hope and Joy. Consisting of two paintings by local artists behind a small Crib, Hope will be the meaning of “The Annunciation” by Dilys Manoy (embroidery on silk 1993) and Joy is epitomised by “Mother and Child” from 1973. Roger has a long interest in religious art and has given slide lectures on religious art for over 30 years. Light refreshments will be available.

St Marys Church

Monday, 20th December: opening at 6.30 pm
St Mary's Church, Church Street, AL6 9LX

Kate Simpson will be working with Crossbearers and Trailblazers from Junior Church, aged 8 upwards. They will be depicting the carol 'Away in a Manger', but we will also be exploring and inter-weaving themes of 'peace', 'hope', 'joy' and 'love'. Kate helps with Junior Church and both her 8 and 6 year old children attend. She is an interior designer and art teacher and has also made puppets for television, so she likes to be involved in all things creative, especially with such an enthusiastic group of children. The window will be opened after the Welwyn St Mary’s Big Carol Sing from 6pm in the Churchyard. Refreshments will be available in New Church House.

Country Properties

Tuesday, 21st December: opening at 1.00 pm
Country Properties, 10 High Street, AL6 9EQ

Hope. The environmental crisis can seem scary but with God anything is possible, for “God sent his son to save the world”. This exciting display encompasses the entire world, the nativity, the moon and stars all expressed in an environmentally friendly way.   The scene is made from materials already used at least once. By reusing and recycling everyday objects we are working with God towards saving the world. How many different materials can you see? Produced by Alice Jupp, Bishop of St Albans Environment Officer. She has always had a passion for making a difference, and for being creative. Alice worships at St Marys Church. Dave and Gill invite everyone to join them for a glass of wine.


Wednesday, 22nd December: opening at 4.00pm
Barber & Co LLP, Chartered Accountants right-hand window
The Grange, 3 Codicote Road, AL6 9LY

Nickie Swain, a local artist, will produce an uplifting and interesting window for us to enjoy. Nickie Swain is an established wildlife artist, including rare species, with works published in zoological books to be launched at Paradise Wildlife Park. Simple sketches, watercolour, oils, traditional or contemporary. Nickie puts soul into all her pieces. Nickie can be contacted on 07540 224 298. The staff of Barber & Co LLP look forward to welcoming everyone to their event where refreshments will be available.

The Barbers Room

Thursday, 23rd December: opening at 12.00 noon
The Barber's Room, 30 High Street, AL6 9EQ

The pupils of Chrysalis School for Autism have created a poster with colourful painted cut out symbols depicting the children across world sending Love, Hope, Peace and Joy to everyone at this special time of year. Chrysalis is a small but expanding specialist independent school with charitable status. It provides a unique learning environment for children who cannot cope in a typical mainstream or special school setting. It is part of Hertfordshire's autism specific provision, but also welcomes children from other local authorities. Chrysalis is passionate about promoting the well being and self esteem of its pupils and the school provides a highly structured individual curriculum for children on the autism spectrum between the ages of 5 and 16, with a pupil/tutor ration of 1:1. Mick Leto invites everyone to enjoy some drinks and nibbles at his opening.

Gothic House

Friday, 24th December: opening at 2.00 pm
Gothic House, 23 Church Street, AL6 9LW

Deidre Woolgar will produce a lovely window showing off her silversmith talents. The Silver Workshop has relocated from Lemsford with courses commencing after Easter 2011. Classes are available for beginners as well as the more advanced. We make everything in silver or gold, such as rings, bracelets and pendants to name a few. To start with we usually make a silver ring necklace as this incorporates lots of techniques.  The workshop will be completely fitted with all the tools you will need. The courses are informative as well as fun. Coffee as well! Deidre will offer us some lunchtime drinks, and a chance to see her fabulous new studio.

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Gothic House

Friday 24th December

Gothic House,
23 Church Street

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