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Organised by St Mary's Church, Welwyn, a window will be 'revealed' somewhere in the centre of the village each day from 1st to 24th December to create a living Advent Calendar. Shops, pubs, businesses, homes and restaurants will host windows and some will create their own artwork. Others will be designed and produced by local artists and school and youth groups. The entire calendar will remain open until 2nd January.

The theme this year is Christmas Carols and Songs. The artwork will be prepared by volunteers using a variety of media ranging from paintings, collage, stained glass effect, graffiti and sculpture. Many will be lit so they can be viewed after dark. A photograph of each new window will appear on the programme page the following day, so those who are not able to visit the village can follow the Advent Calendar via the internet.

For full details of all the windows and other events staged to coincide with their openings, see the programme page.

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We hope you enjoy it!

A message from the Acting Team Rector

Lights are lit, candles glow, trees already decorated with gifts below, are awaiting their moment on Christmas Day. Meanwhile in Welwyn village, each Advent day, a window reveals a gift lovingly created to wish you well.

This year put aside the chocolate Advent Calendar, the candle you forget to burn each day, or in my case light it, forget it and whoops Christmas has arrived 15 days early. Instead from December 1st track the Christmas Carols and songs around the village windows and spare some time to admire and dream, to be part of a living Advent community.

My grateful thanks and Christmas wishes to all who are involved in this project, I shall be listening out for any who are brave enough to sing the carols and songs as you go from window to window. I shall be singing.

Revd. Coralie McCluskeyRevd. Coralie McCluskey


Please click on the link for details of all the Christmas services at St Mary's Church.

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St Mary’s Church

Thursday 24th December

'Away in a Manager' in
St Mary's Church,
Church Street

Previous windows are shown on the
programme page.
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